1995 2nd prize, ITC-center Helsinki, student competition
1997 2nd prize , Museum and Cultural Centre, Helsingborg, Sweden, open european competition
1998 purchase, Turku Main Library, open european competition
2000 1st prize, University of Oulu, annex for the School of Architecture, open competition
2002 purchase , Lohja Main Library, open european competition
2003 honorary mention* Slussen Area, Stockholm, Sweden, international invited competition
2005 purchase (finalist), Kotka Museum Centre, open european competition
2008 1st prize, Suurpelto day-care center, open competition
  *´collaboration : Mikko Heikkinen, Markku Komonen
2003 Successful Project 2002 honorary mention, Senate Properties
  ( University of Oulu, annex for the School of Architecture )
2009 Colour 09 Competition, 2nd prize
1998-2003 Architectural competitions, Finnish Museum of Architecture
2004 From Wood to Architecture – 9th Biennial of Architecture, Venice
2005-6 From Wood to Architecture, touring exhibition by the Museum of Finnish Architecture
2007 130 years of architectural competitions (SAFA)
2009 Playful - New Finnish Design 15.5-18.5 2009, Deign Forum Finland, the Consulate General of Finland in New York and the Finnish cultural institute of New York. Meatpacking district, New York
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Architectural competitions 10/1997, SAR
Architectural competitions 3/1999, 4/2001, 1/2003, 3/2005, 1/2009
Forum AID, 1/07, Forum AID Award publication, p.75, HUT-Department of Architecture, workshop building
Forum AID, 2/08, In the making: Bomarsund Visitor's center
Forum AID, 1/09, In the making: Suurpelto Children's house
Project Baltia 4/08-1/09, Tuomarila Day-care center, s.30-31
Forum AID, 2/09, World-champion architecture, Tuomarila Day-care Center